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14.01.2014 - Marius in Melbourne

14.01.2014 - Marius in Melbourne
Today I spoke with Laura to meet her in City, since she was driving I got the tram. It's easy and relaxing... I can legally check emails while moving.

After a couple of stops, a guy is wake me up from my online addiction, asking my ticket. After I present my card, I put my wallet next to me and back online.

I see Kew junction stop in the last second, enough time to get out of the tram and too late to remember the wallet. The doors are closing and the tram goes away - me looking like the father of idiots behind the tram 3104 - 109. Michael Griffith was not the driver (I've checked that before) so... First instinct: run after tram (I know the median speed of a tram in Melbourne is 16 Km/h so run Forrest... run!).

Next stop was near and useless: I did not get the tram. Was too fast - I was too slow.. doesn't matter. Start looking for a taxi in the next second and, of course, no luck.

But hey, I am living in the most livable city in the world... what the heck!!! Is my wallet and I need it! So, first car at the traffic lights was a V8 ute with a tradie behind the wheel. I tell the story in 2.3 seconds and that guy is telling me to go inside and let's chase the tram. And he speed for aprox. another 5 stops and finally, on the first stop on Bridge St I get in, take my wallet from the chair (in a half crowdy tram) and get down. The tradie is waiting me to drive me back... and of course I don't have cash on me to buy this guy a beer.

I don't know your name or your car's registration plate... but God bless you and THANK YOU for what you just did.